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Their Giving Away Money!!!!

Below is a list of several companies that will pay you to surf the web. You will be paid for every hour that you run their advertisement bar on your desktop. If you can read this than you can receive a check every month. Anyone can do it so not signing up is like wasting money.

 $= recommended

Company: Available? Hour Limit Description
All Advantage Now! 25 $ Pays the best rates
Utopiad Now! No limit $ Has a small viewbar, pays percentage of profits
Ignifuge Now!   $ Pays you for making them your home page
Paybar.com Now! No limit $ Has the smallest view bar
Mvalue Now! 10 $ Uses point system, rates vary
Epipo Now! 50 Pays good, nice view bar
OneSCR.net Now!   Pays per ad, they download slowly
GotoWorld Now! 40 Must download their browser
Desktophorizon Now! 40 Gives credit dollars that you can buy things with
Dotad Soon No limit Doesn't pay until you have fifty dollars
Desktopdollars Now!    
Itadsup Beta 60  
Allcommunity   40  
Paidforsurf.com Beta No limit  

If you have any questions e-mail me at Matt@moneybin.itgo.com -----$-Helpful links-$-----
Gator- Fills out Internet forms quickly.
Ghost Surfer- Nothin wrong with a little cheating.
Lycos- Totally free internet access.
Jackpot- Win, Refer, Win what your refferals win.

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